Too many plans

I really do have intentions of updating this blog on a regular basis, but as usual, life seems to get in the way.  I’ve been avoiding posting lately, because there is so much I want to do here.  I want to give the blog a facelift, take photos to post so you aren’t just looking … Continue reading

Planning Our Home: The Kitchen

I have to admit, the kitchen is probably the area of our tiny home I am most excited about designing.  To have a custom-built space, where everything functions well without wasted cupboards or counter space, is an exciting dream.  Our tiny house will have full-size appliances, which is different from many designs.  There are two … Continue reading

Planning Our Home: Overall Requirements

Building any living space requires a great deal of thought and consideration.  In a tiny home, this process becomes even more vital, as a poorly placed window or lack of a cabinet can severely impact how comfortable your living experience is.  In the following series of posts, we would like to walk through our plans … Continue reading

Wants and Needs

In the tiny house community, there is a lot of talk about learning how to differentiate between what you want and what you actually need. There is also a lot of talk about downsizing – that is, getting rid of all the STUFF. When deciding to commit to a tiny house, our family was no … Continue reading

In Response – A Deliberate Choice

When I take on a new project, I tend to immerse myself in researching that world – from the blogosphere to social networking to books to conversation. As many of you may know, one of the best places to gain information about building a tiny house and the tiny house movement in general is Andrew … Continue reading

The Best Laid Plans…

We’ve had a long hiatis here on the blog, and now that all the commotion is over, I will be happy to tell you why.  I started this blog while pregnant with my son RJ, and unfortunately that pregnancy ran into some unexpected complications in my 8th month.  I ended up on bedrest, out of … Continue reading

Making the Commitment

These last few weeks have been both busy and emotionally draining for my little family.  In light of some extended family crises, we have taken a step back, re-evaluated our priorities, committed to some additional expenditures, and kept our tiny house dream alive. One of our biggest decisions was to find room in our budget … Continue reading

The Brass Tacks

Remember how I said that my husband had a whole bunch of logistics questions when I first brought up the tiny house idea?  As with anyone I imagine, the biggest of these questions was, “That’s nice, honey.  And how are we going to afford that?” I want to emphasize that we do not have money … Continue reading

First Things First

So I’ve decided to go tiny.  Okay.  So now what? My first hurdle to overcome when I decided I wanted to take on tiny living was to convince my husband.  And when I say convince, I don’t mean wheedle and beg and bully and generally try to “win him over”.  In my opinion, if you … Continue reading

Something A Little Different

In this blog, we will be covering topics that are already well-represented in the blogosphere.  We are going to talk about living “tiny”.  Our version of tiny?  A house, probably no more than 350 sq feet, on a trailer base.  We are going to talk about how you make the transition from the typical American … Continue reading